E RA SunChild was given her Spiritual name "SunChild" by her Guides, as she followed the guidance to turn her accumulated experience into Practice for possible benefit of people, who are opened for a similar experiences and to promote the emergence of new technology based the fundamental part of creation - SOUL.

E RA has the unparalleled ability to access the Soul, Heart, Body, Consciousness and Energy as a  Field of a Light, Energy and Information to retrieve or shift the outdated information. This, in turn, gives her an ability to govern the process of  potential Transformation in any area of  human system or aspect of  life, and to coach her students to achieve their own transformations.



Founder of HeliOSoul©, School and Practice of the Spiritual Technologies of the Soul

Currently E RA SunChild is in her private practice, HeliOSoul©. It is very unique and is getting constantly updated via E RA's ability to receive, discern, internalize and format information from the "field" into practical applications for possible transformation.

E RA is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach in USA , Canada, Russia and has a global reputation practicing in USA mainland and Hawaii, Canada and Russia. She is acknowledged extensively as an Akashic Record Keeper(™), Medium and Intuitive, Clairvoyant,  Light Worker in her own school and practice of HeliOSoul©  technology. She receives downloads from the Universal Field.

 Seminars and Workshops

E RA SunChild is holding an array of seminars and workshops, for progression on a path of spiritual growth and well-being or for possible transformations on any level for anyone.

Akashi Records Keeper
E RA SunChild is an acknowledged Akashi Records Keeper. Using access to personal Akashic records and techniques of time travel, she does readings of past lives and Entire Life Journey for the purpose of, possibly, resolving long-standing issues that might be manifesting in a present or potentially has influence on the future. She works with the "Book of Life" client's personal and also Universal.

Medium and Intuitive
E RA SunChild is a Medium and Intuitive. As a medium, she has an ability for deep access to the Other Side. She does unique work for souls of departed ones, as well as provides a piece of mind for loving families. She uses a lot of ancient knowledge for that kind of work, accumulated via multiple incarnations as a medium. E-Ra SunChild is Artist of Healing Lights and Colors and Queen of Archetypes, simply put, a Light Worker. She uses an extensive arsenal of unique archetypes as an application for shifts in structure and design of body or field. Her Healing Lights variety is in abundance and growing every day.

Practitioner of the Heart Space in Harmony Development
She practiced for years the Heart Space in Harmony Development and now offers works on Harmonization and Opening of Heart Field/Space; as well as Balancing, Centering and Stabilizing Subtle Body of Energy of person or an animal, plant or any living matter. E-Ra does Shamanic work, having a naturally acquired experience through multiple incarnations as a Shaman in different places, times and traditions. Also, she works on Balancing the Elements, communicating to Spirits of Nature and working with Totems and Ancestors of the petitioner.

Agni Yoga Practitioner
E RA practiced Yoga of Consciousness, or Agni Yoga, following the path of experience of the Mother (Mirra Alfassa and Shri Aurobindo-Yogi). This practice happened to be a great foundation for Consciousness Technology practice.


For initial contact and arrangements for an evaluation, please contact E-Ra SunChild.